QuickBooks Backups – Best Practices

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Note:  a version of this article originally appeared in Cloud9’s Blog Best practices in maintaining a healthy QuickBooks file on  dictates performing a manual QuickBooks  Backup on a regular basis. You may think you don’t need to backup QuickBooks since your server is backed up every night.  Wrong!  Not using the internal QuickBooks Backup process can lead to […]


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I love showing clients this trick; sometimes even longtime QuickBooks users don’t know its there.  In both QB for Mac and QB for Windows, if you are in any number field, you can turn that field into a mini-calculator, simply by using one of the  math function symbols: – +/* Simply enter the first amount […]

Parallels and Quickbooks, Part II

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QuickBooks, Finally Okay, now you have a Virtual Machine (VM) all set up.  Think of it as a Windows computer that actually co-exists happily with a Mac, much better than it does in the “real” world, actually.  You are ready to install QuickBooks and get working. First a brief note:  Intuit does not officially support […]

Parallels and QuickBooks™, part I

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I love my Mac. And QuickBooks for Mac 2011 is the best yet, but it still lags way behind its Windows counterpart, QuickBooks Pro 2011, in a lot of features.  Plus, there is no option to upgrade to the Premier or Enterprise level program, let alone have access to the Intuit App Center, or the […]

Why can’t Intuit do this?

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I wish  Intuit would notify users  when they schedule maintenance, whether it be to the Sync Services website, QuickBooks Online, Merchant Services or Payroll.  I think users would be a lot more understanding if they knew ahead of time there was a possibility of outages or slowness.  They are the only “online” company I deal […]

Support, not Sell!

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A minor rant – I wish that Intuit’s support personnel would not push upgrades when customers call for support, particularly when it appears they may have data damage.  Upgrading a damaged file just causes an updated damaged file, and the customer is still frustrated, and usually even more unhappy. While I’m all in favor of […]

How to make 943 Payments

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Agricultural Employers need to use a 943 form rather than a 941, but Quickbooks Payroll doesn’t support making 943 electronic deposits.  So here’s the workaround: 1)   Sign on directly to the EFTPS site: https://www.eftps.gov/eftps/direct/EftpsHome.page and make the payment there, indicating it is for form 943. 2)   Then, in Quickbooks, record the payment. Choose Employees > […]

Mac vs Windows: Feature by Feature Differences

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Feature Windows Mac Accountant’s Copy Yes No Add-on software Thousands of  Add-on Programs expand its functionality Two – My Time from Intuit and Lightspeed POS Auto-Number Journal entry Company Preference Not there Backup Can be done in multi-user mode, except no Complete Verification Has to be done in single user mode Backup on a Schedule […]

Backup, Backup Backup!

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I’ve spent the last few days helping a new client try to restore 6 months of data, because their QB file got damaged during upgrade.  Where was their backup?  They aren’t sure what happened to that either…  It seems they just kind of forgot to backup since well, July, as it turns out. QuickBooks has […]