QuickBooks for Mac and Mountain Lion

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I’ve installed Mountain Lion (ML) on my test computer and have been playing with different versions of QuickBooks for Mac as I have free time.  Here’s a list of what does and doesn’t work at present – to be updated as I get more info.  Note that the issue with the keychain has been addressed in update R10.2.  This list is compiled from my experiences, those of other users, and Intuit’s support site:

QuickBooks 2012 – Note that this is the only version that is “officially supported”

  • Printing/PDFs work fineat least with my printers.  I haven’t seen the rash of issues that users had after Lion was released.  But then Apple made some major changes to the way the PDFs were created in Lion as well as some back end printing changes.  Nothing this drastic has been changed in ML
  • Emailing single forms and Reports works with Mac Mail 6.0 (this is the ML version)
  • Gatekeeper Issues with Online Banking and Merchant Services a workaround for this was addressed in the QB 2012 R10.2 update, make sure that you have installed this. On the other hand, I wouldn’t expect that this will work properly in QB 2010 and 2011, at least not until Apple releases an update for OS10.8
  • Batch emailing of Forms doesn’t work with Mac Mail.   While Invoices can be sent individually just fine – Batches of invoices don’e seem to come across intact – only a subset makes it to Mail.
  • Emailing with Outlook for Mac 2011 doesn’t  work – this did work for me in Lion, but I get the dreaded “QuickBooks is having trouble communicating with your email program” error message when trying to email forms with OutLook.
  • To Do Notes are not syncing to iCal, they now sync to the new Reminders app.  This is expected behavior in ML and I wouldn’t expect this to change in any updates.
  • Drag and drop of Layout Designer templates can cause an unexpected quit or crash.  I don’t recommend doing this anyway.  I really like the Export and Import Templates feature under Edit in Layout Designer
  • Each change to a Calendar enabled transaction, adds another alert to the event in the Calendar.  This is really annoying, and I hope they fix this soon!  This would drive me crazy if I was using this configuration to run my business!
  • QuickBooks hangs when changing view options of an Open dialog in Mountain Lion.  I haven’t experienced this myself.
  • QuickBooks hangs when closing the Home Page if using a Retina MacBook –  Retina support isn’t what it should be on a lot of programs.  On the reverse side, QB Mac has  trouble displaying properly on my 11″MacBookAir.
  • Product Information window has a white rectanglewhere the company name should be:
  • Bars disappear from Company Snapshot graphs if using a Retina display.  See above!
  • Date picker does not appear correctly – it is dark grey instead of white, and hard to read.  This I would expect to get fixed son, but its workable.  You can always enter the date by hand.
  • Layout Designer freezes when trying to modify a Statement Template.  Invoices and Estimate templates seem to open fine.

If my earlier posts didn’t convince you not to update to ML yet, maybe this one will.  While its fun to have the latest and greatest software, it isn’t something you want to run your business on.  Wait for 10.8.1!

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