QuickBooks for Mac 2012 R9

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There are some good fixes in this release!  If you are in the Multi-User version, don’t forget to upgrade QuickBooks for Mac Server first.  And if you have sent a file off to your accoutant, don’t install this upgrade until your file comes back.

Accounts Payable
  • You can now choose previous transactions in Enter Bills
Accounts Receivable
  • When Other Current Asset accounts are used as reimbursable expenses the Time/Costs will no longer remain grayed out
THis is an issue that affected several users – now maybe they can add Cost of Goods Sold accounts!
  • Check numbers will now print in the Check Number field on Deposit Slips
  • All forms will be cleared from the Send Forms window when Send All is selected
  • Customer email addresses and other contact information will no longer be deleted when making “permanent” changes on transactions
This one is huge – it was very irritating.
  • The warning message for using a long dash separator (—) when editing an account name will now show the correct symbol
  • Reconciled transactions can now be changed in multiuser mode
  • QuickBooks will not lose connection to the server if 2 users try to reconcile the same account. The 2nd user will now receive a message and the reconcile window will close.
Multi-User is improving, slowly.  
  • Invoices will now print in batches without locking up QuickBooks
  • Multipage Statements will now maintain the proper position in the Preview screen after Scaling
Sales Forms
  • Deleting a line on a sales form will no longer change the value of the item in the line below
  • The Inventory Stock Status by Item report will now show the correct Qty on Hand
This was particularly an issue with files converted from Windows.
Vendor Center
  • The Directions hyperlink will now show directions in Intuit Maps

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