QuickBooks for Mac 2012 R10 update released

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07-27-2012 NOTE – this Release has been pulled due to an Apple bug with the Keychain that affects Merchant Services and online Banking.  If you have upgraded to ML, you may want to revert to R9

Details of the release are below.  If you are going to update to Mountain Lion*, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve installed this.

*I don’t recommend that anyone do this right away, especially on their business computer.  Its so much less stressful to let others find the inevitable bugs.

Accounts Receivable
  • Fixed a crash that occured when saving an invoice that was created by duplicating a progress invoice.
  • QuickBooks will now allow the use of Other Expense accounts for reimbursable expenses.
  • QuickBooks will now display the correct invoiced percentages when multiple invoices are created from a single Estimate.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when recording a transaction from a register while in splits.
Forms Customization
  • The Customer Message can now be deleted from a saved form.
  • Clicking the Enter Time icon on homepage will open the correct time entry form based on the Time tracking preferences.
  • QuickBooks will not display an error when enabling multi user after an online banking session.
  • Clicking OK to the “Account cannot be blank” warning message in the Reconcile window will no longer loop while in multi user mode.
Online Banking
  • QuickBooks no longer displays an error message when adding a transaction from the DLT window with the Show Matched option turned off.
  • Improved OLB renaming rules behavior when memo field information is used and name field information is not.
  • QuickBooks will no longer quit responding when system resolution set too low.
  • Improved functionality of check and label printing customization.
  • QuickBooks will print the date on list printouts and others without scaling.
  • QuickBooks will now display a warning when printing a check without a Payee from the Print Checks window.
  • Corrected the vertical alignment on printed deposit slips.
  • Fixed a crash that occured when printing Bill Payments.
  • Percentage calculations shown on Progress Invoices and the Job Progress Invoices vs. Estimates report are now limited to two decimal places.
User Permissions
  • The Payroll Toolbar item will now only be enabled if given the proper user permission.

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