Don’t rush in to the Lion’s mouth…

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The much anticipated release of Mac OS 10.7, aka Lion is today.  Many Mac users being the early adopters they are, the App Store will probably get clogged as they rush to download it for the unbelievable price of $29.99. But I’m advising my clients to wait at least a couple of weeks.  Why?  Those […]

Parallels and Quickbooks, Part II

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QuickBooks, Finally Okay, now you have a Virtual Machine (VM) all set up.  Think of it as a Windows computer that actually co-exists happily with a Mac, much better than it does in the “real” world, actually.  You are ready to install QuickBooks and get working. First a brief note:  Intuit does not officially support […]

Parallels and QuickBooks™, part I

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I love my Mac. And QuickBooks for Mac 2011 is the best yet, but it still lags way behind its Windows counterpart, QuickBooks Pro 2011, in a lot of features.  Plus, there is no option to upgrade to the Premier or Enterprise level program, let alone have access to the Intuit App Center, or the […]