Why can’t Intuit do this?

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I wish  Intuit would notify users  when they schedule maintenance, whether it be to the Sync Services website, QuickBooks Online, Merchant Services or Payroll.  I think users would be a lot more understanding if they knew ahead of time there was a possibility of outages or slowness.  They are the only “online” company I deal […]

Mac vs MAC

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let’s call this my Monday rant: In the QuickBooks world, I often see new Mac owners and non-Mac users refer to the machines and OS as MAC.  Just to reiterate what many have done before me… MAC = Media Access Control.  It represents an unique ID for each piece of hardware that accesses a network.   […]

The Road to the Cloud…

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…is full of potholes “The cloud” is the future.  I believe that, and I’ve moved many of my personal, business, and client services to the great beyond.  But it is still a work in progress – some examples: At the Scaling New Heights conference last month, The Cloud was the topic of every keynote address.  […]